Monday, June 17, 2013

BubbleGun #1

This is a comic you need to pick up just for the title: BubbleGun!

The story is set 100 years in the future as an odd collection of characters (each with their own special talents) team up on a heist of a mysterious high-tech object.

We follow the story through Molli, the newest member of the team. As such, she's only allowed a single weapon - the BubbleGun, which fires a surprising amount of goo to trap or slow down an opponent.

As you'd expect for a first issue, the focus here is on introducing the team (which includes Molli's brainy sister, the team's strong man and a potential love interest). So, lots of action and banter as we (the readers) sort out the characters in the story by Mark Roslan.

I really like the art by Mike Bowden, with strong color art by David Curiel. It's an energetic, original look at future tech, with fun character designs.

So it's just getting started, and we still have some business to sort out (is the team a bunch of good guys, are they mercenaries - or both?), but it's a promising start and well worth checking out.

Grade: A-


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