Friday, June 7, 2013

Age of Ultron #9

With the next-to-the-last issue, the maxi-series Age of Ultron threatens to completely jump the tracks.

That's because it's not playing by the rules.

Here's why: the story is set in an alternate present, where Wolverine travels into the past (this was two issues back) and kills Hank Pym before he invents the original Ultron.

And there's the problem. Past continuity has established that if you travel to the past and change the normal events, you then create an alternate timeline - the original timeline doesn't change (I think this was first referenced in John Byrne's Marvel Two-In-One #50.)

Anyway, when Logan and the Invisible Woman return to the present, they realize there's no winning, because even without the creation of Ultron, the world has been radically altered and faces destruction from an unexpected source.

So what's left? They journey back in time and try to change history yet again.

The one factor that promises repercussions is hinted at by Tony Stark, who points out the dangers of time travel, because of other powers in the universe - that may carry things into an interesting direction.

Once again, the issue features great art by Carlos Pachco and Brandon Peterson, and sharp scripting by Brian Michael Bendis.

Next issue will tell the tale. Can Bendis sort out the gnarled timeline, overcome the continuity difficulties and sort this mess out?

Here's hoping - but I'm finding it difficult to see.

Grade: B


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