Monday, May 20, 2013

Wonder Woman #20

I've been enjoying the "New 52" version of Wonder Woman (though I continue to regret the fact that it's too filled with violence and horror to be appropriate for young readers).

The story continues to spool out - and that's the problem.

We started in the first issue to follow Diana's attempts to protect a young mother and her child from attacks by assorted figures from mythology. The reason for the attacks is because of a prophesy around the child - whose father is Zeus.

All well and good, but that same story continues to be the focus of the series, and to be honest - it's getting a bit tired. You do get the sense that we're near the end, and that's good, because each issue feels like deja vu.

Once again, Wonder Woman faces off against Artemis while other forces close in on the infant.

Cliff Chiang provides the strong breakdowns and the finishes on five pages, with Goran Sudzuka covering the rest. It's not a perfect mix, but still entertaining.

So hopefully writer Brian Azzarello is ready to move on to bring this to a close - the adventure is getting mighty thin.

Grade: B+


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