Friday, May 31, 2013

Justice League of America #4

I keep waiting for this comic to take off, to suddenly click and start working.

After all, it's written by Geoff Johns, the same guy who writes the excellent Justice League comic. It's drawn by Brett Booth, an excellent artist. It features a super-team made up of a variety of interesting heroes.

But so far, the Justice League of America has just been an average comic book at best.

The members of the team don't get along. They don't even know their true purpose, which is to fight back against the "real" Justice League if that team ever turns against humanity. Hardly a high goal to aspire to.

The team has become aware of a Secret Society of Villains and decides to track them down by infiltrating one of their members into the team, and then following that member into an assault on the bad guys.

All of which leads to a battle with the Shaggy Man (not the most inspiring villain) and a shocking final page that manages to be a surprise, but which the reader won't buy for a minute.

As I've said before, I love team comics - I want to like this one.

But the story is not doing its part to win me over. Pity.

Grade: C+


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