Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dead Man's Run #4

After a bit of a hiatus (it's been about seven months since the last issue), Dead Man's Run returns with a visit to a different version of Hell.

As a general rule, I'm a fan of these "what happens after you die" stories, and I'm certainly a fan of Greg Pak's writing.

But this series definitely seems to be straining at the seams. We continue to follow a young man, Sam Tinker, a genius for maps, as he plots an escape and recruits a offbeat group of murderers to make a run at it.

But instead of running away from Hell, they're moving deeper into that realm in an attempt to rescue his innocent sister, Juniper, who has (mysteriously) been sent to Hell.

The story seems to be struggling because it's taken us away from the basic idea of escape and has turned into a rescue mission instead - and it's becoming more difficult all the time to keep rooting for Sam, as he takes on some unheroic attributes.

On the up side, the art by Tony Parker is strong, with powerful layouts and some unsettling creatures and demons to contend with.

But I admit I'm struggling with the chaotic nature of the story - it continues to ramble through different hellish situations with no endgame in sight.

If that can be resolved, and the comic can stay on schedule, there's still a lot of potential here.

Grade: B-


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