Friday, April 26, 2013

Batman Inc. #10

As writer Grant Morrison brings us to the end of his run on Batman Incorporated, he gives us a hero who has been pushed to the very edge.

Batman has been forced to endure the death of his son Damien (Robin), the destruction of his Batman Inc. franchise and he's seen the entire city of Gotham turn against him.

But his focus is on revenge, and it threatens to push him into dangerous territory, where he'll have to figure out a way to take on Talia's army - and her new, even more deadly son.

There are lots of pieces to this puzzle that are finally coming together, as Morrison starts to reveal his master plan on this title.

He manages to balance the bigger pieces of the epic story with some nice small moments as the resistance grows and the danger goes off the charts.

The excellent art is by Chris Burnham, whose style seems to be patterned after Frank Quitely (not an easy artist to emulate).

It's unusual for Morrison to tackle a "simple" revenge story - but this is shaping up to be much more than that.

It's going to be interesting to see how he untangles all these threads - but if anyone can do it...

Grade: A-


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