Saturday, April 13, 2013

Batman and Red Robin #19

This month's comics from DC all carry a "WTF?" cover, intended to shock the reader (or at the very least, entice the customer into buying).

This issue of Batman and Red Robin (note the slight retitling there) features a surprise "Robin" on the cover - the female version, who first appeared in Frank Miller's classic Dark Knight Returns series, which featured an elderly Batman returning to action.

This issue actually features two different stories - one that explains the inclusion of Carrie Kelley (and a thin bit of business that is), and another that has Batman going to extremes in an attempt to restore his son Damien to life.

He does this by venturing far into horror territory, seeking the assistance - willing or not - from an undead warrior.

That story just feels wrong - it tries mightily to excuse some monstrous behavior by Batman, and while his grief is understandable, it's hard to believe he would go to such lengths for what would obviously be a terrible solution to death.

I certainly believe Batman would go to desperate lengths to save a life - but I don't believe he would venture into villain territory, and that's where he finds himself here.

I can't recommend this one.

Grade: C+


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