Thursday, April 4, 2013

Age of Ultron #4

This series continues to be a heck of a wild ride, as the Age of Ultron gives us a present-day world that has been devastated in a matter of days and is under the control of the robot Ultron.

Every major city has been virtually destroyed and the few remaining heroes are desperately trying to find a way to fight back against a seemingly insurmountable opponent.

At the heart of this issue is Luke Cage, who manages to make his way to the heart of Ultron's citadel and make a discovery about one of Ultron's allies - and then gets in the fight of his life.

It's another outstanding chapter in the series from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary, with amazing visuals and a shocking story.

How shocking? You'll see protagonists meet their end, you'll see heroes travel to the ends of the Earth in a desperate bid to save humanity, and you'll see three of America's biggest cities in ruins.

It's a big, grim story rolling out, and it seems hopeless for humanity. But that, oddly enough, is all part of the fun!

Grade: A-


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