Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soulfire #4

Thanks to the Game of Thrones book and TV series, dragons are once again all the rage.

And you'll get more than your daily dose of those creatures in the latest issue of Soulfire, as an evil being gathers a powerful force of what I'll call elemental dragons - some are made of ice, some of fire - you get the idea.

A gathering of sorcerers, warriors and royalty are trying their best to come up with a way to fight back against their enemy's overwhelming power - but can they get along with each other? (Hint: expect some Marvel-style in-fighting here.)

The story by J.T. Krul doesn't really move things forward much - but it does set up a cataclysmic confrontation next issue (judging by that final page).

The art by Mike DeBalfo is something of a mixed bag. Some of the pages are outstanding - I especially like those dragon designs - but other panels are surprisingly crude, like those pages were taken away before he had a chance to finish them.

So, a solid, fantasy-based adventure, but one that needs to pick up the pace a bit. The series has a large cast of fighters and a towering menace to confront - so let's get to it!

Grade: B


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