Monday, March 11, 2013

Legend of the Shadow Clan #2

Everyone likes ninjas, right?

But the new series Legend of the Shadow Clan takes an unusual approach to the concept.

It focuses on a present-day ninja organization that uses modern equipment and hires itself out to the highest bidder. It has operated flawlessly - until a recent attempt at corporate espionage goes badly.

A (seemingly) normal man, Richard Himura, is working late one night when he inadvertently interrupts an attack on the high-tech business where he's employed. But when one of the ninjas tries to kill him, the ninja dies instead - apparently by accident.

Or was it? Is Himura a normal man, or does he harbor secret abilities? And where does his family fit into the events?

We're really not sure, and this issue doesn't clear matters up - instead we learn a bit more about his children, we briefly meet his mysterious father, and we see a deadly circle closing around him.

It's an interesting take on a well-trod concept, and the members of his family are an interesting bunch. Some are "normal" kids, other seem extraordinary.

The story by David Wohl and Brad Foxhoven, and the art is Cory Smith and colorist John Starr, and it's a strong effort so far.

They're asking the readers to be patient, as they continue to set up the story - but so far, it's paying off as an interesting departure from the usual ninja antics.

Grade: B+


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