Saturday, March 9, 2013

Earth 2 #10

There are very few comics that I'll hang with through tough times, expecting that they'll get better - but Earth 2 is one of them. So far.

I mostly stick with it because I'm such a fan of the Justice Society and the whole alternate Earth concept - but despite the title and the use of modern versions of the original characters, this series is far removed from that original concept.

Writer James Robinson has been slowly building the foundation - in fact, 10 issues in and the heroes still don't gather as a team (the one battle they fought working together was more coincidence than anything else).

For this issue, the focus is on the "new" Dr. Fate and the Flash, who face off against a powerful sorcerer - and confront the ultimate challenge in the Tower of Fate.

It's not bad - a basic quest - but it still leaves us taking baby steps toward assembling the team.

Or maybe the problem is that my concept of the book is that it's the JSA - but DC doesn't see it that way. Ah well.

Even with excellent art by Nicola Scott, I'm not sure I can be patient much longer.

I want this book to succeed, but I'm far from convinced that it's going to happen.

Grade: C+

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