Friday, March 29, 2013

Batman Inc. #9

As always, we try to avoid spoilers on this site, but once again the news media has defeated our efforts, since the events of the last issue of Batman Inc. were heavily reported.

We'll try to remain discreet, for the handful out there who missed the news or haven't read the last issue or looked at the last two covers or the covers of the last month's Bat-books. But suffice to say, the Batman Family has suffered a terrible loss.

This issue continues that story as the heroes are attacked by the organization Leviathan, which is headed by Talia and her warriors, including a nearly-indestructible fighter who's intent on killing Batman - and he very nearly succeeds.

It's a brutal fight for survival, and it extends around the world. The attack is focused on Wayne Tower in Gotham City, but other members of Batman Inc. are also fighting for their lives - and another team member has lost his life, while the death of another seems imminent.

It's a sad, intense story, and sets up an impressive opponent for the heroes - and a great story of revenge.

This is the final storyline by Grant Morrison, who seems to be drawing up the final plotlines he's been weaving together during his run on the Batman titles.

The art is by Chris Burnham, who has an organic, exciting style that's reminiscent of Frank Quitely - which is to say, it's very good. The story also feature four pages by Jason Masters, working in a similar (but more mainstream) style.

The story calls into question Batman's decision to start a public organization to fight crime - and just how safe the other members of his family are. One might well ask, should the grim knight be working with others - and should young people be out there fighting crime at all?

Perhaps those answers are forthcoming.

Grade: A-


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