Sunday, February 10, 2013

World's Finest #9

I've been following the new World's Finest series for a couple of reasons: nostalgia for the original title (which teamed up Superman and Batman) and because I like both Power Girl and Huntress.

There are lots of reasons to like the comic: writer Paul Levitz is an excellent craftsman, artist George Perez has been one of my favorite artists for longer than either one of us would probably like to admit, and the artists who fill out each issue (including Cafu in this issue) are top-notch.

But despite all that, this series hasn't really taken off. Part of the problem may be that both heroes are cut off from the rest of the DC Universe. Both crossed over from Earth-2 and have been spending their time and resources trying to get back - but they have avoided any encounter with Superman or Batman (though they did have a recent run-in with Robin), which makes no sense, since those heroes could (possibly) be of help.

Also, each issue has the same basic format. A threat pops up, the Huntress fights gamely, Power Girl swoops in and does the hefty lifting, gets shot and stunned by a high-tech weapon (possibly from Apokolips), the fight is ended and that's about it.

It just feels like the series is running in place, perhaps stalling for time before an upcoming event of some kind. Or maybe it's editorial interference.

For a new comic trying to establish itself, they should be fighting to bring in readers with a new and fresh approach.

DC, you've got thoroughbreds working on this comic. Let 'em run wild!

Grade: B


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