Friday, February 8, 2013

Avengers #5

After wrapping up the initial adventure with the new, giant-size-roster version of the Avengers, writer Jonathan Hickman is apparently back-tracking a bit and introducing some of the new members of the team.

Last issue focused on Hyperion, and this time we learn about Smasher.

Both of those characters take inspiration from some of DC's most famous creations. Hyperion has long been Marvel's version of Superman, and Smasher mixes together bits of Superman, Green Lantern and the Legion of Super-heroes.

Which is not intended as a slam - almost every super-hero has a predecessor (or inspiration), after all. It's all in what the creative team does with the latest recipe. If they give it an original twist, then it's easy to tolerate a touch of homage. Outright thievery, of course, is frowned upon in this establishment.

Thankfully, this is an excellent brew. Working with the talented Adam Kubert, they've fashioned an origin that manages to be a galaxy-spanning adventure with a foundation set in an Iowa farm. It's always nice to see a new interesting character added to the roster of any comics company.

This really is a special series - not to be missed!

Grade: A


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