Monday, February 25, 2013

Action Comics #17

Writer Grant Morrison keeps extending his run on Action Comics, which is a real bonus for the readers.

You get the sense that he's just having too much fun in this over-the-top, fight to the finish that threatens to end with the death - again - of Superman.

It's wildly imaginative, as Superman is forced to relive some pivotal moments in his life, and the magical (and evil) Lord Vyndktvx has assembled an army of Superman's greatest enemies who are doing their best to kill the Man of Steel. And it genuinely looks like they're going to succeed.

The story is a bit of a challenge to follow, so it's not for the weak of heart - in fact, I suspect Morrison's run on this title will be best read all at once, because there are story threads that started with the first issue and wind their way through the following issues.

The art is something of a mixed bag, with Rags Morales turning in some outstanding work, with Brad Walker splitting the duties (and pages) right down the middle. Walker's work isn't as strong as Morales, but he holds up his end of the tale.

There's also a touching backup feature by Sholly Fisch and Chris Sprouse.

I hate to see Morrison's run end (presumably with the next issue) - he's been creating the best Superman stories since, well, Morrison's All-Star Superman series.

It's great to see the Man of Steel being treated with intelligence and imagination. He should be the greatest hero in comics - and for the past year-and-a-half, he's earned the title.

Grade: A-


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