Monday, January 14, 2013

Wolverine and the X-Men #23

Even when the story includes wholesale destruction and mutilation, you have to hand it to Wolverine and the X-Men - it does so with a great sense of fun.

In this issue, for example, we have the wrap-up to a story that includes evil spells, a Circus designed to steal souls, a contingent of X-Men and X-students, and Frankenstein's Monster.

Well it's not exactly that monster (who had his own Marvel comic back in the late '70s) - rather it's a new version of the creature as invented by the new Dr. Frankenstein, who happens to be one of the annoying kids who make up the new Hellfire Club (and serve in this series as the main opponent of the X-Men).

So, anyway, as you can see - lots of crazy stuff going on here, courtesy of writer Jason Aaron, and it all shoots past at top speed, only slowing down for an occasional funny remark or murder attempt.

The art is by Nick Bradshaw, and it's quite good, especially considering the army of characters he's dealing with here. I especially like the double-page splash of the X-Men swinging into action - it would make an excellent poster.

So aside from my usual gripe that I don't like the idea of the Hellfire Club being made up of kids, it's a strong issue and, like so many of the issues in this series, a lot of fun to read.

Grade: A-


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