Thursday, January 24, 2013

Uncanny Avengers #3

What a distasteful comic this is.

It's loaded with death and destruction, as the Red Skull has somehow gained the mental powers of the dead Professor Xavier and is manipulating the people of New York into attacking and brutally killing their fellow citizens - all gleefully depicted over and over.

The Uncanny Avengers show up and manage to achieve very little, other than to become the pawns or victims of the Skull. (Wouldn't Tony Stark or Reed Richards have devised some kind of defense against this kind of telepathic invasion by now?)

Even worse, the entire issue is narrated in a heavy-handed and overly dramatic style that feels incredibly out of date.

Once again, the only real saving grace is the powerful artwork of John Cassaday, who seems to be doing his best to make something out of this mess (with a more-than-able assist by colorist Laura Martin).

Look, this should be my favorite comic of the week. I love the cast of this Avengers team (Captain America, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, Rogue and Havok), I love the art, I like the idea of them working together to help improve human / mutant relationships, and I'm all for them taking on a major menace like the Red Skull.

Instead, we're getting recycled plots, grim and gritty stories that are more horror than hero-based, and terribly stilted writing.

Any Avengers book - thanks to the summer blockbuster movie - starts life ahead of the game. But this comic is stuck in reverse.

I can't recommend this one at all.

Grade: C-


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