Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Avengers #4

There's something special about Marvel's fourth issues.

In the original Avengers run, the fourth issue featured the Silver Age return of Captain America. In the original Fantastic Four #4, the Sub-Mariner made his return. (For what it's worth, Amazing Spider-Man #4 introduced the Sandman, and X-Men #4 featured the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.)

For this fourth issue of the "Marvel NOW" Avengers, the focus is on Hyperion. But this is a new version of that character.

There have been several versions of Hyperion - some heroes, some villains, all from different dimensions, and all (more or less) knockoffs of Superman. But this is a new character, and his origin (told here) takes some very interesting turns.

It's (apparently) all part of writer Jonathan Hickman's long-range plan, and it's building nicely. The art for this issue is by Adam Kubert, and it's truly impressive, with dynamic characters and stunning environments.

I was expecting big things from Hickman on the title, and so far, he's exceeded my expectations. No complaints here, except for the fact that I have to wait for the next issue!

Grade: A


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