Thursday, January 17, 2013

Savage Wolverine #1

When Frank Cho is involved in a comic book project, attention must be paid.

That's because he's one of the most gifted artists working in comics today. His art combines the strengths of Frazetta, Adam Hughes and Neal Adams into a fresh, sculpted style.

His character designs are stunning, with men who fit the heroic ideal, and women who exceed it.

Savage Wolverine is his latest undertaking, and it plays to his strengths. It includes a) a beautiful, scantily-clad woman; 2) a powerful hero; and 3) dinosaurs.

Cho is sometimes criticized for two things: his writing, which often takes a back seat to the art; and his difficulty of producing a comic series on a regular schedule.

Here he's crafted a clever bit of business that drops Wolverine (via mysterious means), Shanna the She-Devil (her of the tattered, tiny bikini) and some SHIELD agents into the Savage Land, where they must fight to survive against vicious attacks while solving the mystery of an island that is loaded with menace.

It's a great excuse for Cho to draw some amazing dinosaurs (his Raptors are especially fine) and, well, Shanna.

What more reason do you need?

This series is off to a strong start - here's hoping it continues.

On time.

Grade: A-


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