Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Homecoming #3

I really want to like Aspen's Homecoming comic, and it has some strong points.

The art is lovely, the girls are beautiful, and the basic concept is solid.

The story involves an invasion of monstrous aliens, a beautiful and powerful teenage girl named Celeste who mysteriously appears, her group of teenage friends (think of Archie and his friends in a slightly more realistic setting) and the strange powers they all gain.

The big problem is that none of it feels real.

I know, it's a comic book - but none of the characters are depicted as anything more than stereotypical kids, and we get no clue as to how they're reacting to these aliens and their strange new powers.

There's a nice cliffhanger ending, but that (and the aforementioned solid art) is about all this comic has going for it.

There's still time to sort this all out - but we're not there yet.

Grade: B-


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