Monday, January 7, 2013

Fathom #8

The past few issues of Fathom have moved the characters into place, and with this issue, everything changes.

Aspen (Fathom) Matthews is searching for the Professor who has threatened (or perhaps already killed) her friends, but she arrives too late for revenge - but who has ended the threat?

To find the answer to that, the comic turns back the clock and reveals the fate of her friends (and enemies) - and it's not what anyone might expect.

The end result is a transformation and what may be a new ally - or an even greater threat.

It's a compelling story by David Wohl, although (fair warning) it doesn't really feature much of the title character - but it works as a (you should pardon the phrase) sea change for the storyline.

I really like the art by Alex Konat, with strong character designs, exotic environments and powerful layouts. It doesn't hurt that he (or she) draws incredibly beautiful women, of course.

This year (amazingly enough) marks the 15th anniversary of Fathom - this is Volume 4, for those who are counting - and this issue gets the party off to a great start!

Grade: A-


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