Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Captain America #3

As a fan of both the Avengers movie and the Captain America movie, it's been great to see the "First Avenger" gain popularity. (I base this on the growing amount of Cap-based T-shirts, hats, etc.)

I had the same reaction when the character first reappeared in the '60s - even though he had no real powers, his immediate command of every situation, his determination and leadership skills made him a great addition to Marvel's Silver Age.

His new series has certainly taken an unusual approach - sort of a "Planet Cap," not unlike the new direction the Hulk took several years back.

After a recent battle with mad scientist Arnim Zola, Cap finds himself exiled to Dimension Z (a particularly primitive and hostile environment), attempting to protect a young child named Ian.

They find themselves captured by a primitive (but powerful) tribe, and survival is in doubt.

So far it's been an interesting story by Rick Remeder, though a bit on the dark side.

The art is by John Romita, Jr., and it's outstanding - amazing action sequences and emotional moments. I especially enjoy the flashback sequences focusing on Steve's childhood.

Just for fun, the issue ends on a cliffhanger - one of those "how will they get out of this one" things.

So far, the series has been a bit grim, but it does feature the Cap that's been drawing fans of late - a leader, a fighter, never at a loss of a plan.

Here's hoping for more of the same!

Grade: A-


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