Saturday, January 12, 2013

Action Comics #16

Every now and then a comic book comes along that feels like it's just packed full of goodness.

Like Action Comics #16.

Writer Grant Morrison has turned his final storyline into a true romp, with loads of characters, references only long-time fans will catch, Superman facing impossibly difficult attacks, and all of it created by an evil imp from the 5th Dimension.

The truly impressive thing is that Morrison takes some of the silly elements from the Silver Age (and before), updates them to modern standards and makes it all work - somehow.

For example, imps from the 5th Dimension like Mr. Mxyzptlk have been comical characters (with the exception of one Alan Moore story) - until now. We look in on the grown-up members of the Legion of Super-Heroes as they deal with a drastically altered future. Krypto, Superman's pet, is back and very intimidating. Kryptonian mummies, multi-colored kryptonites are represented, and on and on... it's an amazing flurry of creativity on display.

Through it all, Superman is amazingly calm, using his intelligence to fight back against impossible odds.

Have I mentioned how much I hate to see Morrison's run end next issue?

The art is also a treat, as Brad Walker and Rags Morales divide the penciling duties, and keep the craziness flowing nicely.

The story is probably a bit confusing for new readers - Superman's enemy in crashing together different timelines, bringing back some of the pivotal moments in Superman's life.

It's a fun, rollicking story that provide lots of smiles for this fan.

Grade: A-


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