Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Avengers #34

Some writers have a good grip on stories based on magic, and others struggle with it.

Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Roy Thomas, Steve Englehart and Roger Stern are among those who have the knack. Brian Bendis always seems to struggle a bit, although he invented a clever new format to allow Dr. Strange to work his art (citing the spell at the bottom of the page, rather than having Strange recite poetry).

When the latest version of the New Avengers started, Bendis included a Dr. Strange who was no longer Earth's Sorcerer Supreme.

This issue brings that story full circle as Dr. Strange is forced to fight the entire lineup of New Avengers and original Avengers - because they've all been possessed by an evil spirit.

It's a great opportunity for Strange to show why he should be one of Marvel's premiere heroes, and it's a great wrap-up to Bendis' run - and perhaps his way of apologizing to the character for all the crap he's been subjected to.

The art is something of a grab-bag, with Mike Deodato providing some amazing images, and assorted artists covering much of the battle, with varying degrees of success.

It would be nice to see Dr. Strange back in the spotlight, starring in his own comic - if they could just find the right writer.

Grade: B+


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