Monday, December 10, 2012

Hellboy in Hell #1

For those of us in the real world, death is the end of the story.

Thankfully, comic book characters are under no such restrictions.

Which brings us to what happens to Hellboy after his recent death. That story begins in Hellboy in Hell, written and drawn by the character's creator, Mike Mignola.

I admit, I love those "what happens after you die" stories, and Mignola doesn't disappoint here, with amazing visuals of Hellboy's descent, the nightmarish conditions he encounters, and a return match with an old foe - plus an encounter with a mysterious ally.

It's told with Mignola's trademark dark wit, with lots of twists and turns in the plot.

This is the setup for what may be the strangest Hellboy story yet, as it ventures into literary ground (that happens to be quite appropriate to the season).

I can't wait for the next issue!

Grade: A


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