Friday, December 14, 2012

Avengers Assemble #10

I had high hopes for this series after last issue, which was the first by the new creative team - but those hopes have been somewhat diminished this time around.

This issue of Avengers Assemble starts at a research base in Antarctica, where a scientific friend of both Tony Stark and Bruce Banner has run into trouble - bringing the Avengers to investigate.

I enjoyed last issue because it incorporated humor nicely into the story - but there's precious little of that this time around.

An ancient infection (of some kind) has been unearthed at the base, and it threatens all life on Earth - but the heroes spend their time and effort trying to save the life of one team member who did something incredibly stupid, and the rest fighting video game characters. (You know how in some video games, your character fights the same cookie cutter "bad guy" characters over and over? That's what I'm talking about.)

So there's lots of running around but no real progress made - and Thor gets the "big strong knucklehead" treatment, which I don't like at all.

The art is certainly nice, as Stefano Caselli crafts some great character designs and strong layouts.

But the story stumbles a bit here. Hopefully it'll be back on track with the next issue.

Grade: B


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