Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A + X #3

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Hope you're having a great holiday! It'll be a quick review today, as you pal Chuck is (mostly) taking the day off to spend time with family.

Our review today os of A + X, a comic I can't really recommend. (One must be honest, even on a day more given to charity.)

The stories are paper-this and the characters are likewise.

The first story almost works since it takes a lighthearted view of the marital difficulties between the Black Panther and Storm. One of the worst things to happen during the Avengers vs. X-Men series was the abrupt divorce between the two.

Why did they split up? Apparently because Namor (a mutant and ally of the X-Men and by extension, of Storm's) attacked Wakanda. That's it.

After Marvel spent years setting up the marriage and more years establishing the two as destined lovers, it all feels like a corporate decision to split them up. This story mends a few fences but doesn't correct the mistake - so as far as I'm concerned, it fails.

The second story teams up Hawkeye and Gambit - two funny, charismatic characters - and then doesn't do much with them. They fight over who's going to save a woman from a monster that appears out of nowhere - but the story doesn't do anything new or unusual - it's just a cookie-cutter team-up.

It's not a bad issue for a comic series - but it's not compelling or sharp enough to demand our attention.


Grade: C+


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