Monday, December 3, 2012

A + X #2

This is one of those weeks where we could almost devote every daily review to a different Avengers-related comic.

Today's entry is the split team-up comic, A + X, wherein a member of the Avengers teams up with one of the X-Men (though those lines are already getting blurred a lot).

It's mostly just an excuse for a bit of fun, some action and a few laughs. The book is split between two different crossovers by different creative teams.

The first half teams the Black Widow with Rogue in a light-hearted battle that involves a rampaging Sentinel (robot), a couple of science nerds, and a surprising lip-lock between the two heroes (which should jumpstart a few teens into puberty).

The story and pencils are by Chris Bachalo with Tim Townsend on inks, and it's quite good. It's high-spirited, has some funny comments along the way, and strong, kinetic art.

The second story features Iron Man and Kitty Pryde, and the story by Peter David is good (if incredibly improbable), and the dialogue is fast and funny. The art by Mike Del Mundo is a bit "hit and miss" with me - the characters are just a bit too cartoonish and distorted in some panels.

So, don't pick this up expecting anything deep and meaningful - but it is fun.

Grade: B-


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