Monday, November 19, 2012

Thor: God of Thunder #1

It's nice to see Thor: God of Thunder enjoying a bit of a revival in the wake of a successful film (with another one on the way) and a star turn in The Avengers film.

Now, after a long, strong run on the title by writer Matt Fraction, a new creative team takes over here as part of the whole "Marvel Now!" event.

Jason Aaron takes over the writing chores, and Esad Ribic provides the art. One issue in and I find myself... firmly on the fence.

The story is an interesting look at three Thors - the version who walked the Earth 1300 years ago, the modern version, and one from the far distant future.

In all three he finds himself faced with a possibly-insurmountable opponent - and they're all connected.

The art has an impressive painted look to it - but it all seems a bit dark and washed-out - but there are some dynamic panels in there.

My reaction to the whole issue is that it's not bad, but not outstanding, either. It's a standard menace, the idea of looking at three different time periods is interesting, and the art is solid.

I'm interested enough to come back for the next issue - but just barely. I was hoping for much more.

Grade: B


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