Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Avengers #34

And here we reach the end of the road for writer Brian Bendis and the Avengers (not counting this Wednesday's issue of New Avengers and the upcoming Ultron War).

He decided to wrap up his run with a big, over-the-top adventure that is loaded with the kind of hoo-hah fun that you'd expect in a classic Marvel Annual - or the wrap-up to an entertaining event book.

Here the original Avengers team tackles a towering menace in an itty-bitty world, and that means an all-out battle with Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Giant-Man fighting an army - and having a blast.

Along the way the adventure brings back a much-missed character, revives a much-neglected one, and just packs a lot of fun into an oversized package.

The art is something of a jam session, with some outstanding work by the always-excellent Brandon Peterson, Mike Mayhew, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson - not to mention several others who kick in pages for a wild battle royale.

There's no deep plot at work here - just lots of action, some crackling dialogue and a fun story with a great wrap-up to Bendis' long run.

Who could ask for more?

Grade: A-


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