Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Avengers #32

OK, this is officially my favorite comic of the year so far.

That's because it features the return of one of my favorite characters, one who's been "missing" for far too long.

It's also a story that revives a favorite setting that dates back a few decades ago, unnamed here (as well as the hero) to avoid spoiling a delightful story.

Writer Brian Bendis is wrapping up his long run on this title, and it looks like he's making an effort to wrap up some loose ends before he goes.

There are a few gaps in the logic of this issue, but those are picky points - this is a fun romp as the story gets back to basics.

Throw in some great art by Mike Mahew and the criminally-underused Brandon Peterson, and you have an issue that's not to be missed.

I want you to read it so we can talk about it.

Grade: A


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