Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guest Review: Madame X

Glen Davis returns with a review of a comic that (apparently) stars Madame Xanadu:

I keep wanting to like National Comics and DC Comics presents, but DC keeps pushing me away.

Madame X is an updated version of the horror hostess/magic slinging superheroine Madame Xanadu. I always thought Mildred, the young blond witch hostess was better looking, myself.

In this incarnation, Madame X is a former celebrity fortune teller, complete with tragic backstory, now using the tarot in her work as an investigator for a New Orleans law firm.

In this issue, she is called to defend a self styled queen of Voodoo in the zombie murder of a city councilman running for mayor, who was publicly feuding with her. The mystery itself is not fair play, but easily solved using the find the Christian method so effective in episodes of Law and Order.

There really isn't anything here to hook you into buying a potential series. It seems DC traded an Elvira type image for The Good Wife, without checking to see if there was an audience for turgid low octane horror.

Grade: C-


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