Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Daredevil #19

Holy cow, I went four years without missing my "review of the day," and now it's happened twice in the last month. Sorry about that, gentle readers - I've been working on a project that has me swamped, but hopefully I can go back to building my next streak starting... now.

What a terrific comic this is.

And it's a credit to writer Mark Waid that he trots out an old chestnut - is the hero losing his mind? - and makes it work.

The story focuses on Daredevil trying to sort out his life after a series of events that make him wonder if he's losing his grip (including a moment when he literally loses his grip).

It leads to a shocking confrontation and a great cliffhanger.

It doesn't hurt that the art is provided by Chris Samnee, one of the best in the business right now. With stunning layouts, clean and clear storytelling and mastery of mood and setting, he just gets better with each issue.

If you aren't already, you really should be buying this comic. There's a reason why it keeps winning awards: great art, sharp writing (you never know what's going to happen next) and compelling events - it's a terrific comic!

Grade: A


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