Friday, October 12, 2012

Batman #13

So apparently the Joker lost his face over in Detective Comics, and now, a year later, he has returned and reclaims it as part of a murderous rampage.

Now I admit that I don't know much about skin (biology isn't my strong suit) - but I suspect that, once separated from the body, it would quickly dry out and grow brittle (unless it was properly treated and prepared, I suppose).

Maybe I'm wrong. The Joker's face is apparently now a mask, strapped to what's left of his face - and his sanity seems to have completely passed, as well.

He launches into a murderous rampage in this issue, confounding Batman and an army of policemen (and, no doubt, the reader as well).

It's a grim, grisly tale that will wind through most of the Bat-titles, in a naked attempt to get up all to buy up a hefty stack of DC's comics.

Ah, but that trick never works with me - I'll continue to buy the Batman title, so we'll see if I can continue to follow the story without those added chapters.

To recap: a sharp (if grisly) script by Scott Snyder, and excellent (if grisly) art by Greg Capullo, and a compelling (and yes, grisly) beginning to a Joker "event."

There's a definite theme growing here. I advise buckling up.

Grade: B+


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