Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Mighty Thor #18

This issue kicks off (what I believe is) writer Matt Fraction's final storyline in The Mighty Thor.

It's been a solid run up until now, guiding Thor through the return of Odin (and the All-Father's subsequent departure), death and rebirth in the Fear Itself storyline, a confrontation with Galactus, and now the apparent repercussions of one of Odin's earliest mistakes in this story titled "Everything Burns" (which crosses over with the quite excellent Journey Into Mystery comic which stars Loki).

The story begins with mysterious events in Broxton, Oklahoma - the neighbor of Asgardia. A fire strikes a church (and a number of birds), but it doesn't behave like a normal fire, and even Thor finds his powers unable to cope with the flames. It all leads to some good moments between Thor and his brother Loki.

The story benefits greatly from the art of Alan Davis, who seems to be everywhere at Marvel these days (which I consider a very good thing indeed). His work with inker Mark Farmer is outstanding as always, ranging from heroic deeds to historic flashbacks, godly confrontations and an eerie moment with Loki where you want to say, "Don't turn around."

It's a strong start to the story - here's hoping for more of the same!

Grade: A-


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