Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Lone Ranger: Snake of Iron #2

Hey, it's another guest review!

My pal Glen Davis offers his thoughts on the latest incarnation of a certain masked man...

Seeing Chuck Dixon's name on a western always makes me perk up. Mr. Dixon is a master of the genre, as well as a master of the Lone Ranger character.

The issue opens with a 19th century vintage woman reporter being held captive by a gang of comancheros. In a bit of artistic irony, she's wearing a pith helmet in the snow.

Meanwhile, Kiowas are attacking a train on which Tonto and an Indian boy are passengers. None of the white passengers trust them, causing a lot of friction. Naturally, the Lone Ranger is coming to the rescue. The reporter is riding a camel, an animal the Kiowas have never seen, and ascribe supernatural powers, causing them to go on the war path.

Quite a few number of turns for such a simplistic seeming story, and realistic art make this issue a must for Lone Ranger fans, and for western fans in general.

Grade: A


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