Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guest Review: Thun'da #2

Here's Glen Davis with a guest review about the return of the man called Thun'da.

The jungle genre is making a comeback after a long period in hibernation - in comics, at least.

After experiencing success with Lord of the Jungle, Dynamite is trying again with Thun'Da, a jungle man from the 1950s, created by the legendary artist Frank Frazetta.

Despite being short-lived, the feature is well remembered and was the basis for one of the last serials, King of the Congo, starring Buster Crabbe.

Thun'Da is really Roger Drum, an American military pilot who crashes in a lost jungle and loses his memory. This isn't any ordinary jungle, though - it's populated with dinosaurs and cavemen.

In this issue, Thun'Da rescues a smilodon kitten from dinosaurs, and is captured and escapes from a tribe of cavemen. Not bad. Still, the action doesn't really serve to move the plot forward the way it should.

And there's a nifty backup tale, with the original feature written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Frazetta.

Grade: B+


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