Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Captain Marvel #3

Sometimes you give a comics series a try and realize, "This one just isn't for me."

That's the conclusion I've arrived at after reading the first three issues of the new Captain Marvel (formerly known as Ms. Marvel).

I can generally stay with a comic if I like the story or if I like the art - but in this case, neither one is really working for me.

The story has Carol Danvers trying to connect with a recently-passed mentor - a ground-breaking female pilot - and somehow that has thrown her into the past and dropped her into the middle of a mysterious island in World War II.

The second issue ended with Captain Marvel being attacked by a mysterious alien flying machine. The third issue ends with almost exactly the same scene.

So the story by Kelly Sue DeConnick makes little sense (we still don't know how Carol was displaced in time), the menace seems to be no challenge at all, and we aren't really learning much about the title character or why we should be rooting for her.

The artwork by Dexter Soy is quite good but doesn't seem like a proper match for a high-flying adventure series. The art is dark and moody, all exaggeration and colors and explosions. A great fit for a "real world" storyline, but it seems a mismatch with high-flying superheroics.

I really want to like this title - love those covers - but I'm just not connecting at all, so I'll be giving this one a miss. Sad to say.

Grade: B-


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