Monday, August 13, 2012

The New Avengers #29

It's fitting that, as writer Brian Bendis nears the end of his run as overlord of The Avengers, he gives us one more issue filled with nothing but heroes sitting around a table and talking.

As much as I enjoy action-packed comics, I've grown to love these issues, too. They quietly shed light on characters in corners we've never really seen before. And Bendis doesn't restrict himself to the characters in his own titles - he gives us insights on Prof. Xavier and Reed Richards, as well.

The story centers around the (possibly) final meeting of the Illuminati - a small group of heroes dedicated to saving the planet.

They face what may be an insurmountable obstacle in the Phoenix Force, and they have to face up to the fact that they may not be able to change the outcome of the coming final conflict - and what that might mean for the Earth.

The issue is swimming in great art, from the cover by Ron Garney and Jason Keith to the rich interiors by Mike Deodato, including an awesome flashback to World War II.

There were many doubters when Bendis took over this title, but there's no arguing with success. I haven't been in agreement with everything he's done, but it's always been entertaining and unexpected.

I'm looking forward to his next project!

Grade: A-


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