Monday, August 6, 2012

Soulfire #1

Continuing right where last week's final issue of the "Search for the Light" mini-series left off, the fourth volume of Soulfire deals with the immediate repercussions.

And it looks bad for the good guys. The powerful Grace has somehow been transformed into a force for evil, and her first act is both deadly and devastating.

The Soulfire series might be a bit challenging to sort out immediately for new readers, because it's set in a world where magic works and dragons are a common sight - and like most fantasy stories, you'll have to wade through some unusual names and characters.

Thankfully, there's a quick recap on the credits page that'll help bring you up to speed.

The story is by J.T Krul and Frank Mastromauro, and it has a good balance between action and setup for the story that's rolling out. The art is by Mike DeBalfo, and it's very good - he's especially adept at drawing beautiful women (as the cover indicates), and gets to design numerous "looks" for the newest villain in town.

This is the kickoff to a new volume for the series, so it's a good jumping-on spot for new readers, and should appeal to fans of fantasy.

Grade: B+


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