Thursday, August 30, 2012

Justice League #12

Superman and Wonder Woman, sitting' in a tree...

Well, that's about the maturity level of the whole thing.

But give DC credit for coming up with a great ratings stunt - I was lucky enough to pick up the last copy of this issue of Justice League at my comics shop.

To longtime fans, this isn't such a big deal (although having Superman tied up in WW's magic lasso on the cover is pretty kinky) - the two have locked lips many times before, from Imaginary Tales to John Byrne's Action Comics to Kingdom Come.

They're a natural couple, of course - DC's most powerful male and female, they seem a much better match than Superman with Lois Lane or Wonder Woman with Steve Trevor.

The whole issue just seems to be one long setup for the final lip lock. The team spends the issue fighting a threat that seeks to attack them where they're weakest - through the "ghosts" of their loved ones.

That leads us to the inevitable "should we break up the team" scene, which is happening for too early in the run of this series. The team works best when all the heavy hitters are on board, and writing out characters just defeats the purpose.

So just an "OK" story this time around from writer Geoff Johns, framed with some strong art from Jim Lee (and a nifty preview page at the end by Ivan Reis).

It's a shame the issue that gets all this media attention is actually one of the weakest in the 12-issue run so far.

Go figure.

Grade: B


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