Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Homecoming #1

So, here’s another one of those “hot naked girl shows up in my swimming pool one night” kinda stories, with a science fiction twist thrown in for good measure.

Homecoming is a new series from Aspen that takes place in the once-sleepy town of Hillcrest, where nothing ever happens.

Until, well, see paragraph #1.

The naked girl is Celeste, and she mysteriously disappeared 10 years ago. When she returns to her home, she finds a teenage boy named Hunter Wilson living there - and thankfully he knows her back story, because that saves us all a lot of time.

Hunter manages to enroll her in his high school (kids and computers - what can’t they do?), and she quickly settles into her new life - or she tries to, until an alien killing machine smashes into the school intent on murder.

The story by David Wohl and Scott Lobdell spools out on pretty solid ground here, though it sticks to tried-and-true “B” movie / alien invasion storylines.

The art by Emilio Laiso is very good, managing to combine realism and an expressive, ever-so-slightly cartoony look.

The end result is a little bit Buffy, a smidge of Alien, and a dash of Freaks and Geeks.

A pretty good combination so far!

Grade: B+


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