Thursday, August 2, 2012

Avengers vs. X-Men #9

This series has been playing with expectations.

One might think that the Avengers would easily win in a war with the X-Men, but with the Phoenix Force merging with five X-Men, it's the Avengers who find themselves outmatched and underpowered - and the outlook gets worse as the issue begins.

Even worse, the dark side of the Phoenix is asserting itself - and in the team's darkest moment, what hope can Spider-Man have against a much more powerful opponent?

Credit Jason Aaron for turning in the kind of story that gives the wall-crawler a chance to shine and demonstrate the heart and courage of a hero (Aaron adds some great dialogue, too).

The art by Adam Kubert and John Dell, and it really sings - some powerful splash pages, cinemascope-style layouts, and strong action sequences.

On the down side, this is one of those stories where you can clearly see the creative team pulling your strings - but the story is fun and brings back memories of past heroics, so I'll give it a pass. Good, solid super heroics here.

Grade: B+


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