Thursday, August 9, 2012

Avengers Assemble #6

Of all the Avengers comics out there (and there's a pack of 'em), this is the only one that feels like it directly ties into the (quite wonderful) Avengers film.

That's intentional, of course. In fact, Avengers Assemble is doing its best to tease the just-announced, non-sequel Marvel film that's in the works, since it co-stars the Guardians of the Galaxy and features Thanos as the big bad.

Writer Brian Bendis is really swinging for the bleachers with this one, as it takes both teams into deep space and into battle with an alien race, all while Thanos prepares to use one of the deadliest cosmic weapons ever created - at least until next issue, when (according to the next issue blurb) he lays hands on an even deadlier force!

So the stakes are escalating rapidly and even an army of heroes can be outgunned.

This series is building nicely, and I'm really enjoying Mark Bagley and Danny Miki's art (and Paul Mounts' color art) - the heroes are dynamic and individualized, the action is over the top but always clear and easy to follow, and the pages are loaded with great layouts and lots of energy.

This is a colossal conflict on a really big stage, and the question is: how can the good guys possibly win?

We're all anxious to see the answer to that one!

Grade: A-


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