Tuesday, August 28, 2012

America's Got Powers #3 (of 6)

As a general rule, I'll buy any comic drawn by Bryan Hitch.

His designs are fresh and original, his art is dynamic, and he's really carrying the Neal Adams "realism" banner these days (at least when Adams isn't carrying it himself).

And his work on this series has been nothing less than excellent, as he depicts a world of the near-future and dozens of super-powered people duking it out.

But it's the story by Jonathan Ross that seems to be running out of steam fast.

Perhaps it's my own burnout with "reality TV," which is obviously the basis for this series.

(The gist of it: a mysterious event leaves numerous young people with super-powers, they're being exploited by an evil government program and they duke it out on national television for the right to join a super-team.)

This issue focuses on the mysterious teen known as Zero, who may - or may not - be the most powerful character yet.

The exploration of what his powers are and how they operate ends up being pretty tiresome, actually.

This series may yet redeem itself, depending on where the story goes from here, but right now, the art is the only real reason to pick it up.

Grade: C+


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