Friday, July 20, 2012

Justice League #11

It's one of Marvel's mainstays (this summer's event book is based entirely on it), but for some reason the trick doesn't seem to work at DC.

I'm talking about the whole "heroes meet and fight for some reason or another." The entire Avengers vs. X-Men series is based around that premise (not to mention the Avengers movie), but when DC tries it, the results just don't seem to work.

Take this issue if Justice League. It starts when the League is recovering from a devastating attack by the powerful menace known as Graves - a battle that took place on the League's orbiting satellite.

They pursue the villain, but when the true threat is revealed and Wonder Woman decides to go solo, the result is a all-out beat-'em-up between two heroes. And then another hero.

And for some reason, it doesn't really work at all.

The art by Jim Lee is nice, but the fighting just feels like it's tacked on to fill out an otherwise-thin issue.

It's the first issue of the "new" JL that hasn't really worked - so that's not a bad percentage. But it is disappointing.

Grade: B-


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