Friday, July 27, 2012

Green Lantern #11

In his original incarnation in the '60s, Black Hand was a lightweight villain.

His main bit was stealing power from Green Lantern and reciting proverbs that somehow tied in to each criminal act.

Definitely not one of John Broome or Gil Kane's greatest creations, but he made a reliable menace.

The modern version of Black Hand is at the opposite end of the spectrum - he's now a grim and gritty embodiment of death, killing at random at bringing dead bodies back to life.

This issue, written by Geoff Johns, is mostly about dealing with loose ends, as Hal Jordan and Sinestro wrap up their visit to the Indigo Trible, take a look at Sinestro's surprising home, and get ready to confront a new evil.

But the focus is on Black Hand, who escaped the Indigo Tribe by killing himself - only to be resurrected by a Black Lantern ring. Now he's a threat to every living thing - and could we see a return to the Blackest Night?

The art by Doug Mahnke is excellent as always, and once again, it's inked by a small army (no idea why this is). The art is crisp, the characters perfectly realized, and the design reflects a strong Bolland influence.

There are quite a few story elements bubbling along nicely here - and with a new war in the offing and the threat that the Guardians may put an end to the Green Lantern Corps, this is going to be a comic to watch.

Grade: B+


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