Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spider-Men #1 (of 5)

It seems strange to realize that I don't collect any Spider-Man comic books.

After reading Amazing Spider-Man virtually since it began, I finally stopped buying it (with a couple of exceptions) after issue #600. I didn't care for the way his marriage to Mary Jane was dissolved, and the quality of the weekly stories was poor - so I gave it up.

I was comforted that I could still enjoy the web-head in Ultimate Spider-Man - so, of course, the creative team killed off Peter Parker in that title and created a new Spider-Man. I hung around for a couple of issues, but it wasn't "my" Spider-Man, so I dropped that title, too.

So it's been a year or more since I bought a Spider-Man-based comic. Until now.

I've finally been lured back by this series, which brings together the Marvel and Ultimate Universes for the first time.

Thankfully, the series is being written by Brian Bendis, who crafts the best Spidey dialogue since Stan Lee. The focus on this issue is on "our" Peter Parker, who's going about his usual business - foiling criminals, investigating strange events - when he mysteriously finds himself in a different version of New York City.

It's all pretty light-hearted, but there's a solid mystery at the heart of it all. It remains to be seen how Peter Parker feels about being... dead.

The art is by Sara Pichelli, and it's impressive. I like her limber but realistic Spider-Man, and the cityscapes are lush.

It's a solid start to this mini-series, and I have to admit, it's nice having a Spider-based comic I can buy and enjoy. If only I could say that about the rest of the line.

Grade: A-



Peter Wallace said...

Chuck, I have to say the new Ultimate Spidey is excellent, and I was a real cynic. Plus I've been reading Amazing under Dan Slott and it is great fun. I hated what they did to the marriage, but have given in. Sublime comics fun.

Chuck said...

Pete, thanks for the update - it wouldn't be the first time I stopped buying a comic series at the wrong time. I've seen some of the Slott comics, and while they're an improvement on what went before, I still don't care for the rotating artists - made necessary by the three-times-a-month schedule. I'm not ready to return yet - maybe one of these days.

Peter Wallace said...

Well, I think Amazing is down to twice a month. And I too gave up on it after the marriage thing. But I buy arcs now.