Tuesday, May 8, 2012

World's Finest #1

Here's an interesting revival of a classic DC title that brings back fond memories.

One of the earliest comics I can remember buying was an issue of World's Finest, which featured regular team-ups with Superman, Batman and Robin.

This time around, they've taken an unusual approach. This comic features Supergirl and Robin - but not the ones from "our" Earth. As seen in the first issue of Earth-2, Supergirl and Robin (Bruce Wayne's daughter) travel through a mysterious, Boom Tube-like portal.

As we see in this issue, they arrived on our world five years ago. The story shows part of the story about how they adapt to their new life, and their primary purpose.

The comic is written by Paul Levitz, who seems to be enjoying the chance to restore these characters he helped create back to their proper place in the DC Universe.

The art is by a couple of seasoned veterans, as George Perez handles the modern-day part of the story, and Kevin Maguire provides the flashbacks. Both are long-time favorites of mine, and they turn in excellent work here.

The comic would be worth buying just for the art, but thankfully there's also a solid story as we get to know the two friends better and learn about their place in the world.

The issue is somewhat burdened with the need to sort things out, though long-time fans probably won't mind.

I'm not sure how they'll feel about Power Girl's new costume - it's missing a particularly eye-catching feature (ahem boob window ahem), but she does spend time walking around in shredded clothes, if that's any consolation to the oglers out there.

The Huntress, though, looks much more at home in her old protective costume, rather than the modified swimsuit she was wearing for a while.

A solid start to the series, and a good tie-in to the excellent Earth-2. I like the return to roots for these characters, and it's good to see them getting treated to some top creative talent.

More like this, please!

Grade: A-


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