Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Mighty Thor #14

It's been nice to see Walt Simonson providing covers on the last two issues of The Mighty Thor (as well as interiors on The Avengers) - I just wish the story on the inside was as good the cover.

Well, that's probably a little too harsh - the story by Matt Fraction is just moving on well-trod ground, that's all.

Hoping to aid a dwarf named Hreidmar, Thor traveled to the land of Nidavellir (I think my spellcheck just choked) where he found a mysterious door with a message on it from Odin, warning that it should never be opened.

Thor, of course, opens it.

This unleashes a nightmare horde that his strength is useless against. Of course.

The rest of the issue focuses on Thor's former mortal vessel, Dr. Don Blake, who asks for the Enchantress' help in becoming a god - but the results are surprisingly gruesome.

The art is by Pepe Larraz, and it's quite good - I especially like the Infinite Library.

This has been a strong series up to this issue, so it's easy to forgive a minor stumble - and I am curious to see where the story goes from here.

I just wish it didn't seem all too... familiar.

Grade: B


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